Skip stripper names.

No offense to strippers, but there are some basic rules to avoid giving your daughter a name that makes her sound destined for life on a pole.

Avoid names that people hate.  naming baby My Baby Registry

These will change from year to year, and obviously you can name your child what you want but rather avoid people rolling their eyes when they hear his or her name

Think about your child’s future email address.

Might sound silly but this example will explain it all: Peter Enis becomes 

Play the rhyme game to make sure that kids on the playground won’t be able to.

Jinx, Stinks. Brody is grody. Nelly is smelly. You get the idea. Any questions, just run the name by an 8-year-old boy and see what he comes up with.

Avoid names with 8,000 different spellings. tip naming baby My Baby Registry

Caitlyn, Kaitlyn, Catelyn, Caitlin … you get the idea. It’s frustrating, I know as no one gets my name right the first time

Don’t get all creative and make up a name.

Stephania, Jolissa, Crystalina, anything you just create out of thin air or by combining more than one name should be avoided.

Consider your kid’s initials.

Ashley Suzanne Smith – you get the idea

Don’t be funny.

Your kid’s name isn’t a joke. Harry Pitts may be funny to you, but your kid probably won’t think so, and he’ll likely be bigger and stronger than you someday.

downloadDon’t try too hard.

Aristotle. Harvard. Yale. Einstein. Setting high expectations is one thing, but it’s really too much pressure for any child to live up to their name in some cases.

Skip offensive names.

Little Adolf Hitler – not cool.

Tame the fanatic sports fan in you.

Team enthusiasm taken too far isn’t fun for anyone.

Don’t do the celebrity thing.

Celebrities love to shock us with their bizarre baby names. Aleph Portman-Millepied (Natalie Portman’s son) and Moroccan Scott Cannon (one of Mariah Carey’s twins). Your child has to live with this for the rest of his or her life

Don’t give your sweet baby an evil name.

Lucifer. Why even go there?

 Don’t give your son a girlie name.

It’s just cruel to give a boy a name like Sue, Leslie, or Marion.

Don’t listen to anyone else.

The truth is, someone is going to have a problem with absolutely any name you pick. Someone will have a bad association with it, find a way to make fun of it, or otherwise turn up their nose at your choice. So take these guidelines with a grain of salt, then name your baby whatever you damn well please … well, almost anything.