Not just a Balloon

Balloons are always a must have for parties – adding a few balloons straight away gives off a party feeling. I found some interesting balloon designs to be a bit different. Try some of these for your upcoming baby shower.My Baby Registry led lights balloon

LED Light Balloons
Before you fill your balloons with helium, simply turn the light on and insert it into the balloon. Normally LED lights will last for 24-48 hours, and if by the end of your gathering the lights are still gleaming, simply pop the balloons and turn the lights off to save them for your next party!

Lollipop Balloons
Great to go with a theme – jumbo lollipops. To make the jumbo lollipops you will need some colorful balloons, wrapping paper tubes, paint, and some clear cellophane. Simply paint the paper tubes in white, and then assemble the balloon on top, and wrap it up with the cellophane, and lastly, tie it up.

My Baby Registry lollipop balloon

Ice Cream Cone Balloons
All you need is some printable ice cream cone templates, a stapler and a few colorful balloons. Create the cones, put in the balloons and voila.My Baby Registry balloons

A Touch of Lace
Very simple but beautiful, use lace as the string on your balloons for a pretty in pink or vintage baby shower

My Baby Registry balloon


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