What? Baby names can be banned? That’s right, in certain countries it is illegal to name your child certain names. Check out the names that have been legally banned.MY BABY REGISTRY - Baby Names.

  1. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (banned in New Zealand)
  2. Devil (banned in Japan)
  3. Smelly Head (banned in Malaysia)
  4. Venerdi (which means “Friday”, banned in Italy)
  5. Bridge (banned in Norway)
  6. Saddam Hussein (banned in Brazil)
  7. @ (banned in China)
  8. Tom (banned in Portugal)
  9. 007 (banned in Malaysia)
  10. Miatt (banned in Germany)
  11. Anus (banned in Denmark)
  12. Stallion (banned in New Zealand)
  13. Ovnis (banned in Portugal)