Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding creating your gift registry, buying gifts from someone’s gift registry, or any other query – please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have included some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below, so also check to see if perhaps your question has already been asked.


For the mom to be:

1Can I change items on my registry?

You can log in and remove items and add new ones whenever you wish.

2How many items should I have in my registry?

A good registry has a wide variety of items and prices to cater for guests of all pockets and tastes. Check how many guests you have invited to your celebration and make sure there are enough items on your registry for all of them, plus a few more.

3Can I see what has already been bought?

Yes you can. Click on ‘Manage your Registry’ to see the status of all your products

4What happens if items become unavailable during the course of my registry?

If you’ve registered for a product and then we run out of stock, we will remove it from your registry temporarily until it comes back in again. If the item is discontinued, it will also be removed but we will notify you of any such changes so that you can manage your Registry accordingly. If the item goes out of stock or gets discontinued after a guest has ordered it we’ll contact you to let you know and you can either choose another item to replace it of the same value, or wait for new stock to arrive.

5How and when will I receive my gifts?

Your gifts will be delivered to your door on the day of the baby shower. We will organise in advance a time that suits you.

6I’ve completed my registry, but how do I tell people about it?

When you send out your baby shower invitations we suggest you give your guests the direct link to your registry. Alternatively you can tell them to go to, go to the ‘Registry’ tab and click on ‘Search for a Registry’

7Can I edit my selection once I have posted my registry?

You can log in and remove items and add new ones whenever you wish.

8Do I need to add all the gifts to my registry at once?

It’s completely up to you. You can log into your registry to add or remove gifts anytime. We encourage you to keep an eye on your registry, especially in the week leading up to the event, to make sure that there are still enough gifts available for your guests and enough of a price range to suit all of their pockets.

9How far in advance should I create my registry?

Your registry can be created as long before your event as you like. We recommend having it all set up before you send out your invitations, so that guests have plenty of time to choose a gift for you.

10How much does it cost to create a registry?

Absolutely nothing, it’s completely free

11How will I know who bought which gifts for me?

We keep a list for you of each person’s chosen gifts. Furthermore, all the gifts will be delivered with a card with a note from the person who bought you that gift.

12Not all the items I want have been bought, can I purchase them myself?

Definitely. Once your registry has been closed, we will email you to let you know which items haven’t been purchased and give you the option to purchase them. Payment for the items can be made via EFT or credit card and the items will be delivered with all your other gifts to the baby shower.


13Can I create a registry for anywhere in South Africa?

We offer free delivery withing the Cape Town Metropolis area. If you are further away, we would still love to help you so please contact us for information about delivery fees.

14When does my registry close?

The registry closes 5 working days before the event so that we have enough time to get all the gifts together in time for the baby shower.

For the guests:

1How do I pay for the gifts?

There are two payment options available – EFT or credit card.


2How will the mom to be know what I bought her?

Every gift will be delivered with a note so that the mom to be will know who the gift is from. We also keep a list for of each person’s chosen gifts and give that to the mom.

3Do I get to take my gift to the baby shower?

We take care of the gift giving for you! Rather than having to wrap and take the gift with you, we deliver the whole registry to the mom on the day of the baby shower.

4The registry is closed but I haven’t purchased a gift yet, help!

The registry closes 5 working days before the event so that we have enough time to get all the gifts together in time for the baby shower. However we don’t want the mom to miss out on any gifts so we will try and help you if possible. Please contact us on and if we have the items already we will be able to do the transaction for you

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