How do I Create a Registry?

It’s super simple and quick

  1. On the Registry drop down menu, click on ‘Create a Registry’ to create your profile
  2. Browse our extensive product selection and add what you fancy to your registry. At any time you can change your selection and see what has been already purchased
  3. Tell your friends, family and guests about the registry so they can get shopping by emailing them the link of your very own registry profile
  4. When the big day comes, all your wonderful gifts will be delivered to your baby shower, all beautifully wrapped and personalized notes from your friends and family attached.

How do I Find a Registry?

Looking for a friends registry? Click on ‘Search for a Registry‘ and enter the name of their registry in the box provided.
You need to create an account in order to purchase products off a registry.

How do I Manage my Registry?

Now that you have created your registry, you are able to add/remove products any time you like as well as see what has already been purchased.

  1. Click on ‘Manage your Registry‘. You will see a list with your registry or registries if you have more than one.
  2. Click on the registry you want to view – you will now be able to see all the products in your registry as well as what has been purchased. You can change the quantities of each item or remove it completely.
  3. Want to add more products? Simply go into the shop and continue shopping.