Heartfelt Ruby Melon collection – Dingle Dangle Set of 4

Product Description

Ruby Melon has exclusively partnered with the Heartfelt Project to create these lovely Heartfelt dingle dangles. Every Heartfelt dingle dangle is carefully handmade, ensuring each felt toy is made with quality and love.

The Heartfelt Dingle Dangle Girl set is exclusive to BabyGroup, with a fun, pink theme! This set consists of a light pink, grey, and cream heart, crown, cloud, and kite. Setting a scene that is perfect for your little girl’s nursery. Use with the Ruby Melon changing mat frame and changing mat, or to decorate your nursery.

With these sweet delights, you will want one for every room of the house!

Ruby Melon is a concept based company that creates baby developmental products, helping little ones all around South Africa. Their products are just as educational as they are beautiful. We love them for boosting development of our little ones, with even the most simple of ideas. Ruby Melon also participates with the Heartfelt Project, which creates jobs and community development in the rural community of Makapanstad. This organization creates the hand sewn Heartfelt toys that we love and adore.


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